“I recently finished my 2nd programme with Jaimie. I had a big goal and I achieved this with massive growth in my business.

The surprising thing though was all the other things I gained as a result of our coaching. Jaimie helped me understand that I have a message that, when shared authentically adds incredible value to SOME people – and that it is ok if it doesn’t speak to everyone! Before our coaching I was trying to be something to everyone which resulted in me being nothing to all! This was a huge insight and has helped me confidently share my story authentically and know that I will attract the right people.

Jaimie’s mix of mindset and practical coaching (literally helping me craft messages and find time saving tools) and the accountability she provides has helped me view my life and business with a huge sense of abundance rather than ‘lack’. I feel like any possibility is open to me now and that the negative internal voice has become infinitely quieter and is now turning into my cheerleader! I have seen an improvement in my relationship with my boyfriend and my team as I show up in those relationships more willing to be truly honest and vulnerable and that has had a clear knock on effect on the results they are seeing too.

Finally I am hugely grateful to Jaimie for helping me ditch the mum guilt and feel empowered to build my business and continue to do the things I love around my baby. Powerful stuff!” – Lisa Turner, UK