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Why the right actions mean sweet FA if you’re in the wrong energy

Highlights and Quotes from this video “In many instances being in the right energy is way more important than the specific actions that you’re taking.” “We can be chasing a goal. Chasing a desire. Taking all the right… Read More

Why Everyone Needs A Coach

Check out this Facebook Live I recorded last night on why everyone needs a coach. I’d love to know your thoughts! Have you had a coach? What did you notice? Are you thinking about getting a coach? What’s holding… Read More

Questions Of Consequence

The art of being engaging is the art of asking compelling questions. Learning this principle during coaching training changed the dynamic of every single one of my relationships almost instantaneously. I have been further inspired by books such as… Read More

A Bugbear

When people admit they spent years doing something they hated, it grinds my gears. How can you expect your clients to have full confidence in you, to believe you’ve got winner DNA, if you didn’t stand by your… Read More


Do you ever stop and recognize just how much you’ve evolved over the last year? Never mind two years, five years, ten years, but in just one year? Sometimes it takes a photo captured in time to help… Read More


Hello and thank you for visiting the digital home of Definitely Definitely! A place you can come for clarity, serenity, creative inspiration, and to find out more about working with me. Are you a super motivated, yet overwhelmed type… Read More

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