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Why the right actions mean sweet FA if you’re in the wrong energy

Highlights and Quotes from this video “In many instances being in the right energy is way more important than the specific actions that you’re taking.” “We can be chasing a goal. Chasing a desire. Taking all the right… Read More

A Bugbear

When people admit they spent years doing something they hated, it grinds my gears. How can you expect your clients to have full confidence in you, to believe you’ve got winner DNA, if you didn’t stand by your… Read More

Be A Simplifier In A Sea Of Over-Complicators

Sometimes we over complicate things needlessly. In work, in life, in love. In reality, simplicity is beauty, and far more memorable. More likely than not, you’ll be remembered more for that hilarious one liner, exquisitely crafted tagline, or… Read More

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