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(These blocks are applicable to all expertise driven, service based business owners.)


Jaimie is the CEO and Founder of Definitely Definitely. Her mission, and that of her team, is to empower leaders worldwide to create and continually improve their lives and businesses so they can be happier and freer while also making more impact and profit. (Yes, it is possible for these to happen in tandem!)
As a qualified Life, Leadership, Business and Executive Coach, Jaimie has already empowered hundreds of visionary leaders, CEOs, C-suite executives and Founders to live life on their terms using her unique 360 degree coherence methodology.
She is renowned for her high energy, infectious positivity and strong audience participation when speaking, and she is a firm believer in not settling for anything less than a “Definitely Definitely” in any area. Her motto is “If it’s not a Definitely Definitely, it’s a no.”

Jaimie has a Psychology degree from the University of London, additional training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, and Harvard Business School, and before founding Definitely Definitely, she spent 9 years in corporate marketing with FTSE 100 companies including SAP and Thomson Reuters in both London and New York City.


  • My core message is about the importance of living a “Definitely Definitely” life and business, where you make decisions that are always Definitely Definitelys, from the food and clothing you purchase, the gym you go to, the people you partner with and serve, to the marketing you send and everything in between! I believe too many settle for “ok” or “fine” or even “great”, rather than relentlessly pursuing and holding out for their Definitely Definitelys, and this leaves people uninspired, disempowered and less powerful and energetic than they have the potential to be in both life and business.
  • My message is also that when you honour your Definitely Definitelys (both in life and business) the ripple effect is so profound that you can be radically more successful and effective both personally and professionally. I like to engage with audiences and get them thinking about what their Definitely Definitelys are, and anywhere they need to upgrade! For example, if I’m in a room of entrepreneurs and they’re making decisions about how to “do sales” and how to “do marketing” based on the latest guru’s recommendations rather than what actually feels aligned and a “Definitely Definitely” for them… I’m going to get them thinking about what would it look like if they actually did business their way!
  • I also like to talk about what branding from the heart looks like and the effect it has on the resonance of your brand (both personal and business brands).
  • Lastly, when speaking to those who are feeling burnt out, I speak about the the importance of leaving your job or existing business(es)/income streams, and creating new ones if you’re not obsessed with them currently.


– If it’s not a Definitely Definitely, it’s a NO. Stop settling and start creating your Definitely Definitely life and business.

– The importance of selling and branding using the wisdom of your heart, gut AND head (not simply your head!)

– The real secret to 10X-ing your life and business; authentically, organically and sustainably.

– How to create a truly magnetic business from scratch, and grow it at rapid speed.


Here are some examples of previous podcast interviews I have taken

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