“Jaimie’s ability to get to the heart of blockers and challenges is first class. As I went through the challenges of launching my business, her candid feedback and perspective provided massive value. Importantly, she remembers details between sessions, is always available for ongoing dialogue, sends excellent follow-ups and genuinely helps along each step in the journey. Other coaches just don’t compare to that.” – Dan Morris, New York City, USA

“Having someone 100% on your side to bounce ideas off, share concerns, challenge you, hold you to account and celebrate with is so valuable. Jaimie helped me find my own clarity, and every time I left the sessions with a renewed sense of excitement and drive to deal with the challenges of running my own business. I liked having the space to talk and think in the session, then to be presented with typed up notes and actions. If you’re thinking about working with Jaimie, do it! And when you do, fully go with it. The more you trust the process, the more you’ll get out of it.” – Tom Newton, London, UK

1-kq4fMKlGTrVOAm-lls5J7w“With her calm but sharp presence, Jaimie brought clarity and a collaborative spirit to me and my team. We enjoyed her coaching – both individually and with the whole team – and it was truly transformative. A vitamin boost for any team wanting to become more open and effective.”
Anders Sjöstedt, Majorca, Spain

“To say that Jaimie is “good at what she does” is a complete understatement, and this review would be amiss if I didn’t give Jaimie the highest accolades for her professionalism, credibility, impressive knowledge base, and effective techniques. But beyond those things, she just has a natural ability to make her clients feel completely at ease, comfortable and trusting of her abilities and advice. She is punctual and reliable. She exudes confidence, and makes her commitment to her clients very obvious. Thank you, Jaimie, for pouring your heart and soul into your work… although, I’m convinced that you’re one of those people who loves what you do so much that you wouldn’t even consider it “work”.” – Jessica LaTorre, New York, USA

“Jaimie is extraordinary! I’ve worked with a coach just once before, and to be honest I found it to be a huge waste of my time. Not so with Jaimie… our Discovery Call alone gave me a page-long list of insights into what has been blocking me in my business alongside a stack of ideas to move me forward. I left the call incredibly impressed, and I’ve no doubt you will too!” – Trish Mossman, Antigua Guatemala

“Jaimie is amazing. She’s sweet and caring and really listens for what you’re saying and gets what you are dealing with. Her coaching was spot on and really helped me bring things out that I didn’t see. You will 100% benefit from working with her! Thank you Jaimie.” – Tawny Amankhrah, Ontario, Canada

“When I was coaching with Jaimie, I really felt her heart and passion as a coach. She supported me every step of the way. I have never met someone like Jaimie who really cared about my success and made me feel so supported. The results I have got are amazing. I learned to acknowledge myself, I love and respect myself, I have an amazing relationship with my boyfriend, I closed a business that I no longer had a passion for and started a new business which is already becoming successful. I also learned that to be successful in business, sometimes it means tweaking other parts of life.” – Nancy Guo, London, UK

“Jaimie is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is naturally able to tune in to what is going on and help steer you in the right direction. I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone they can trust to have alongside the journey to self improvement.” – Elizabeth MacMahon, New York, USA.

“I had the privilege of working with Jaimie on a specific assignment where the issue was a combination of facilitating the development of an organizational culture that values continuous improvement, creativity and problem solving, with in depth support of the personal development of individuals in the management team. In tanna2his process Jaimie was able to provide individual support to enable extensive personal transformation and reflection from all members of the team. Jaimie had a way, both when working with the group as a whole and with individuals of pin pointing the actual core of issues that needed attention and addressing the areas of improvement very directly.

On a personal level Jaimie helped me to think more deeply about my role as a leader and new ways of leading people. She also encouraged me to become more comfortable about sharing my thoughts and helped us set a platform for openness in communication and feedback. Jaimie was professional, empathic and fun to work with and I highly recommend her. It was so beneficial for our team and I believe a team or organization should never consider itself to be landed – there is always room for further development and improvement.” – Anna Fornek Bergström, Stockholm, Sweden

“Jaimie is an incredible coach who truly values working with individuals to help them improve their lives. Since working with Jaimie, I have been so open and receptive to positive changes in my life. She has always been available outside of our scheduled sessions for a quick check in and always encouraged to hear positive accomplishments in my day no matter how small they are. She is really incredible.” – Mollie LaTorre, Florida, USA

“On the road to making this year mine, I was dealing with insomnia, sleeping an average of 4 hours a night and it had been going on for months. After doing one session with Jaimie I finally got a full night’s sleep and it has been like that for the last 2 months. Jaimie put me at ease the moment we connected and after talking about what my goals were, she managed to pinpoint areas to work on. I’d never done hypnotherapy before, it’s an amazing experience, there was a visible difference in my stance and energy before and instantly after.

What I love is that our meetings take place over Skype, I can be anywhere in the world and in my own environment, which was reassuring and probably helped with being extremely relaxed during the whole process. Combining coaching with hypnotherapy works hand in hand and I think you get to the core a lot quicker. I can highly recommend Jaimie to get you focused on your goals and help you obtain them.” – Tiare Renaud, Nice, France

16298947_1349925211749106_4230542941762833671_n“Jaimie is dynamic and innovative in her style and approach. Change is inevitable. What I found most valuable during coaching sessions was the strategies Jaimie and I created together. Interventions that identified solutions to the barriers limiting my personal and professional life. Jaimie identified values and beliefs that supported positive changes in the management of my time and my creative planning. This I found both challenging and motivating. Just what I needed to create change! Together we identified what was important to me and allowed me to ‘own’ my thinking. This brought a shift in my perception which increased my accountability for action.

We used a combination of tools in our sessions however I found the hypnosis created some very foundational shifts in my thinking. During these sessions I could just relax and trust the process. I continue to use our coaching strategies daily and highly recommend Jaimie to anybody seeking to improve their wellbeing. Jaimie creates a relaxed atmosphere by encouraging easy and honest conversations. She has a compassion that allows both the professional and personal to blend for holistic and evolving growth. Brilliant.” – Lisa Baxter, Melbourne, Australia

“Jaimie really nailed the aspects I needed help in! Her process from start to finish pushed me to grow in the areas that would have the most impact. She took my goals and really focused on them even when I tried to veer off track. I finished with clarity of what I needed to do, actionable steps to take in my life, and new language to mentally take me to the next level. Jaimie’s fantastic at what she does.” – Michael Newman, Florida, USA

“Jaimie was determined to help people find their zen at the office and it was a great treat for our employees! Jaimie held several workshops on energy work and meditations on-site which were all very well attended. I personally attended several of these myself and was pleasantly surprised that even after a 10 minute guided mediation with Jaimie I was able to return to my desk feeling more relaxed and energized. Her passion for helping people reach their happiest, most relaxed and energized selves is evident and her positive disposition is refreshing.” – Kinga Bellard, Los Angeles, USA

“Jaimie Crooks is a go-getter. Her positive attitude can turn even the most skeptical or negative individual or team from “Can we…?” to “How can we…?” and then to “When can we…?” I have watched this in action.

Jaimie is educated and intelligent. She combines her knowledge, experience, can-do attitude, and always bright mood to move herself and those around her forward. Working with Jaimie puts her colleagues and clients into a more positive and productive mindset. I would work with Jaimie on anything, anytime.” – Julie Waxgiser, New York City, USA

“Jaimie was an integral part of our Global Wellbeing Champion Team here in New York City. Her extensive research in the Integrative Nutrition field coupled with her passion for helping others made her a tremendous asset to our team and the company as a whole. Jaimie does a wonderful job of anchoring to the positive and creatively solving complex problems.” – Sean Hurley, New York City, USA

“Assistance and guidance at its finest! Thank you Jaimie.” – Trina Fuentes, Atlanta, Georgia

“The combination of feeling understood, supported and motivated to improve your life (and being held accountable) is an incredibly powerful blend of attributes that Jaimie brings to her clients.  Her keen attention to subtleties and ability to hone in on the real issue is invaluable.  She came prepared with various methods and strategies to help me change my way of thinking at the core.  I found this experience to be a catalyst–a way of getting the ball rolling again in my life when I felt immobile.  She helps you see your own potential and set goals for yourself in all areas of life.  Empathetic and non-judgmental, when you hit a roadblock, she’s there day or night to help you get back on track by examining what really went wrong, and guiding you through.  Whether you’re going through a difficult transition, feeling stuck and looking for change, or simply wanting more out of life but not knowing where to begin, Jaimie will ignite your own inspiration and uniqueness to see your worth and motivate you to make the most of your life.” – Janice Frank, New York, USA

Claire Kelly, Gold Coast, Australia


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