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My name is Jaimie, and I help visionary leaders achieve global success and cultivate businesses that function and flourish as well on the inside as they appear to on the outside.

There are SO many business owners and leaders where everything looks great or even perfect on the outside, but on the inside they’re frustrated and burnt out.

My job is to improve my clients’ lives and businesses on the INSIDE, by helping them to transform their mindset, behaviours and business strategies, such that they become more effective, more profitable, happier, and even more successful on the OUTSIDE too.

Sometimes business owners hire me directly, other times corporations arrange for me to coach their leaders.

One dimensional success is not enough – and average is NOT an option

Here’s the thing.

Success – especially holistic success – isn’t a one time pursuit. It’s not a destination that’s reached and that’s it. The same mindset that drove you to accomplish what you have already is the same mindset driving you to accomplish still more – and not just in one area but across the board.

If asked to choose between average or dead, you’d probably choose the latter. It’s no joke. It’s practically in your DNA, regardless of the family environment you grew up in, which for many top performers was less than ideal.

From the outside – things look perfect, but inside – you want more

I work with top performers, usually founders and senior executives, who are already excelling. More often that not, most people around them are in awe of them and the life they lead. Yet underneath, they know there’s still more growth, next level performance and even good simple fun to be had.

Under the surface, if they’re truly honest with themselves, they may even feel constrained, constricted, and fed up. They know they cannot continue the same way they have been, something has to change. In coaching we often discover secret beliefs, subtle behaviours and decisions that are definitely not in alignment with their vision, and are therefore artificially constraining both their quality of life and their effectiveness.

You just can’t seem to slow down 

We also often (though not always) discover an uneasiness with being still, slowing down or taking care of #1, that can be inadvertently sabotaging your clarity, progress and wellbeing.

I seem to attract a large proportion of clients who are highly empathic and intuitive, and this can, without specific work, lead them to put themselves and their needs last.

What my clients want is to overcome any and all limitations, so they can have even better results and in turn, a life and business that feels even better on the inside than it looks on the outside.

Shift what doesn’t belong, and benefit from strategic support and accountability

I’m an expert in helping you shift anything that doesn’t belong, and in refining and enhancing what does. So that you can be your most happy, impactful and profitable self.

Benefit from my deep business and branding savvy so that once we’ve cleared the internal limitations out of the way, we can get to work on any tweaks you need to make to your business strategy and branding.

You’ll also enjoy accountability between sessions that often proves integral to the incredible momentum and progress my clients experience.

Fuel the future of your business

Some of the leaders I work with are very happy with their current businesses, but know they need to make important tweaks to fuel and sustain their future successes. Sometimes to their business model and offerings, other times to their team structure, organisational culture, or positioning in the market.

Other clients are on the edge of burnout and want to reinvent or pivot altogether; they want to push pause or even eject and start something completely new. Whether you’re a corporate executive, or a well-established founder, whether you know you need to make tweaks or an entire overhaul, you’ll be someone who sees the value of a trusted sounding board and yearns for one you can trust and rely on to support you in your unique journey.

Prepare for a new beginning and a different way of living

I can help you fulfil on your personal needs and goals, and enhance your impact, profit and brand magnetism, often simultaneously. For many of my clients, they’ve never ticked all these boxes at once prior to working with me. But once they do – there’s no going back. The different way and level of functioning stays with them forever.

Let’s chat

To arrange for us to speak about working together, please request a chemistry call with me here or book an initial session with me here.

Highly qualified and experienced

If you’re looking for a highly qualified and experienced professional to support you, you’re in the right place. I hold a Bachelor of Science (With Honours) degree in Psychology from Royal Holloway, University of London and additional accreditations from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, The Chartered Institute of Marketing and Harvard Business School. I also have ten years experience transforming the brands and businesses of some of the most profitable FTSE and NYSE listed businesses in the world, as well as brand-new startups and SMEs.

Breakthrough programs

Through my carefully designed breakthrough programs and a unique blend of 360° executive coaching, brand consulting and next-level accountability, I can help you connect with your absolute highest forms of energy and impact amidst the intensity of grand ambitions, competing priorities and a world filled with information overload.

Your life and business will never be the same again

Whatever direction my clients take after we start working together, one thing’s guaranteed – their lives and businesses are never the same again.

Learn more

You can read more about my services and testimonials from happy clients using the menu above. To request a chemistry call with me to see if we’re a fit for working together, please go here.

Corporate enquiries 

For corporate coaching enquiries (whether for 1:1 or group coaching), please send me an email to arrange a no obligation discussion about your requirements.


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