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I’m Jaimie Crooks, and I help visionary leaders worldwide transform their energy and impact in life and business to unchartered heights.

Because here’s the thing. Success – especially holistic success – isn’t a one time pursuit. It’s not a destination that’s reached and that’s it. The same mindset that drove you to accomplish what you have already is the same mindset driving you to accomplish still more – and not just in one area but across the board.

I work with individuals who are already excelling, with many in awe of them and the life they lead. But underneath, they know there’s still more growth, next level performance and even good simple FUN to be had. Some of the clients I work with are on the edge of burnout from striving so hard, and they want to ensure it doesn’t go any further, while others just know they need a little more balance to fuel and sustain their future successes. Others are planning their transition from corporate employment to passion fueled entrepreneurship.

I’m cut from a very different cloth than other you might have encountered. I am extensively professionally qualified and accredited, and uniquely dedicated to my clients. I hold a Bachelor of Science (with Honours) degree in Psychology from Royal Holloway, University of London and additional accreditations from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and Harvard Business School. What’s more, I have 8 years experience transforming some of the most profitable FTSE and NYSE listed businesses in the world.

My carefully designed, rigorously structured programs incorporate a unique blend of 360° life and business coaching, total honesty, next-level accountability (which includes 24/7 access to me between sessions), robust psychometric testing, and optional evidence-based hypnosis to rewire your brain for your absolute peak performance. I can help you connect with your highest forms of beneficial beliefs, energy and impact amidst the intensity of grand ambitions, competing priorities and a world filled with information overload.

Together we’ll take a truly holistic view of your life and business, examining your mindset and beliefs (on both a conscious and subconscious level), rituals and routines, health and nutrition, personal and business relationships, professional values and visions, purpose, creativity and so much more.

Whatever direction my clients take after we start working together, one thing’s guaranteed – their lives and businesses are never the same again.

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