Hello, and welcome to Definitely Definitely.

Definitely Definitely is a boutique executive coaching firm and global movement dedicated to helping extraordinary leaders consciously cultivate their dream (or “Definitely Definitely”) lives and businesses, from the inside out.
Jaimie helps her clients elevate their energy and performance – and that of those around them – via a highly structured, collaborative partnership covering the areas of mindset, holistic health, 360° leadership, communication and strategy coaching, and personal and professional branding, within a single sacred and highly potent container. 
Her clients are people who have already achieved significant success and happiness in life, but they know there is always more juice to be squeezed out of their talents for an even more delicious and profitable existence.
They’re people who believe in never, ever settling, stagnating or ignoring their dreams. Mediocrity is not an option.
“Definitely Definitely” was a concept born in London in early 2012, when Jaimie was in hot pursuit of higher levels of decisiveness and clarity. She started tuning into the nuances of what differed in her body and mind when something was a hell yes versus something that triggered ambiguity or indecision.
Quite sub-consciously, she started using the phrase “definitely definitely” preceding the increasing number of hell yes moments she started experiencing and quickly realized it was a pivotal key in the process of developing an extraordinary life.
Definition: “definitely definitely”: A 110%, heart rate elevating, tummy flipping, holy moly this is my life?! high vibrational, lucky as a four leaf clover, hell yes.
What is a definitely definitely life?
A definitely definitely life is a life on fire. It’s a life where you wake up in the morning with tingles in your toes because you’re so excited to be you. Because you’re so pumped you get to live the life you’ve consciously cultivated, with the incredible people you’ve magnetized just by being your most authentic and energized self. You love and respect your amazing body and your limitless soul, you say no when it feels right to, and you honor your needs and values above all else, guilt-free, knowing that when your needs are satisfied and you’re aligned with your values everything else practically falls into place.
What is a definitely definitely business?
A definitely definitely business is one where if you ask an employee, do you like your job? They reply “hell yes” and proceed to tell you how much they love it and why. If you call up a bunch of customers to ask “how do you feel about our product/service?” they’re excited to talk to you and respond with songs of praise, no matter how their day was going before you called. If you watch an advert, you think about it afterwards and feel inspired, not just to buy a product but to be your best self. If you look at the revenue, you see a record-breaking, industry shifting Definitely Definitely all over it, or right around the corner. Everyone wants in on a Definitely Definitely business. A definitely definitely business is one that takes care of its employees, customers and the environment, recognizing that happy people and ethical practices not only make for sounder sleep but a more profound and sustainable bottom line.
I believe we are all destined for a definitely definitely life and business.
Let’s cultivate and expand upon yours together.
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